5 Tips For Taking A Road Trip While Pregnant

July 11, 2019

5 Tips For Taking A Road Trip While Pregnant

Ever been on a road trip and been uncomfortable the whole way? Well being pregnant amplifies that. I just drove from Vancouver to the Okanagan and I was definitely glad I prepped for it a bit. Even still, baby was making herself known on my right side, who knows why she likes chilling over there so much, but does she ever! So I was grateful for the moments we were able to get out of the car and stretch.

Here are a few things that made the trip a little easier.

Follow these tips to have a good trip!

  1. Wear loose clothing. If you’re travelling in summer, wear a dress! There’s nothing worse than constricting pants.
  2. Pack lots of snacks & water. Stay hydrated. If it makes you pee a lot that’s ok, getting out of the car often to move around is a good thing.
  3. Plan for those bathroom breaks. Either have some idea of where upcoming washrooms will be or pack some toilet paper if you’re cool with squatting when the urge arises.
  4. Lean your seat back. Give yourself and the baby a little extra room. It might not feel necessary at first, but trust me, it helps. You’ll find yourself needing to do it soon enough if you don’t right away.
  5. Get out for breaks often so you can stretch.

I still ended up holding my seat belt for a lot of the way, just so I wouldn’t feel the extra pressure. That and having a good conversation or podcast for distraction helped. Good luck on your journey!

July 11, 2019

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