A Full Body Stretch Routine

July 28, 2019

A Full Body Stretch Routine

If you’re looking for a a good stretching routine for your whole body, here’s what I usually do in my classes. Make sure to hold the stretches for a decent amount of time (15-30 seconds), and listen to some good music that motivates you throughout!

Here’s one of my playlists that I use for a class where I do a short meditation at the beginning, followed by stretching. In the meditation, we focus on our breath, and scan our bodies from top to bottom to make note of any tension anywhere and focus on releasing it.

My spotify playlist:

Once you’re ready to start stretching, stand up.

If you’re already warm, that’s great, if not, it’s always best to warm up a bit. Things like knee highs, kick backs, and squats are great for that. Then get started (or you can start with the standing movements below, then do the warm up exercises, then stretch).

Standing movements:

Getting lower to stretch:

  • runner’s lunge
  • runner’s lunge with knee lowered
  • half split (straighten your front leg and bend the back leg – your bum should move backwards in the air)
  • flow between a lowered runner’s lunge and half split a few times, then hold each position for longer
  • lowered runner’s lunge with elbows on the floor (you can open up the front knee to the side a bit)(note: this is more advanced, some may not be able to do this)
  • lowered runner’s lunge with one arm raised to the sky to twist toward your front knee
  • bring the back leg in to a seat twist
  • untwist, do seated windshield wipers to reset your hips
  • 90/90
  • pigeon pose
  • back to runner’s lunge
  • turn to the front, bend both knees, hands on thighs, push 1 shoulder forward, then the other
  • repeat sequence on the other side starting with the runner’s lunge
Seated twist stretch

Bring yourself up & back down again:

  • stand with feet together, clasp hands behind your back to open your chest
  • walk your hands down your mat into a plank
  • downward dog
  • child’s pose
  • table into cat cow
  • sit on your bum, then spread your legs out to the sides; side stretch on each side
  • bring legs together, fold forward

Life on your back:

  • lie on one side, grab your ankle behind you for a quad stretch
  • lie on your back, bring one leg up and hold it at your thigh, calf, or foot – depending on your flexibility (the other leg can be straight on the floor or bring your foot in so it’s bent)
  • take the leg out to the side
  • cross the leg to the other side (it should cross over your body), keeping it straight
  • release the leg so it lies on the floor, bent, with both shoulders remaining on the floor (spinal twist)
  • thread the needle
  • happy baby (grab at your feet with knees bent)
  • repeat sequence with the other leg


  • sit with feet together, try to push your thighs down (if you want to use your hands to assist you with this, do so carefully, and don’t push directly on your knees, rather push on your thighs to protect your knees)
  • lean forward with a flat back
  • sit cross legged, elbow stretch overhead
  • arm stretch across your chest
  • neck stretch (place right hand to your side, slightly behind you, and left hand pulls your head to the left, look down slightly; repeat on other side)

Add a couple of shoulder rolls to shake it out and you’re done!

If you have any questions about specific stretches, let me know!

[Photos by @jjosuephotos]

July 28, 2019

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