Siyaflo is about finding 1000 ways to be healthy! From dance, to yoga, to nutrition, to interviewing professionals in the health and wellness sector, it’s about getting you moving and feeling healthy.

Siyaflo was created by Amanda Webb, a dance, yoga, and fitness advocate and photographer. She’s is on a journey to find opportunities to move and grow physically and mentally. She’s on the lookout for new health and wellness events, hotspots, and influencers in Vancouver, Canada, and abroad. She also creates her own health & wellness events. 

Amanda has a Masters Degree in Business Management from the Sauder School of Business at UBC; and a Bachelors in Arts at UBC. She studied photography & personal training, and continues to study in dance, yoga, fitness, nutrition, Afrikaans, and more. 

Connect with Amanda at @amandajanewebb or @siyaflo

Where does Siyaflo come from?

It’s a combination of the word “siya” which comes from the African language Zulu meaning “going to”, and flo, which incorporates movement but doesn’t necessarily just mean yoga. Why no “w” on the end? Because I felt like it… 

I’ll see ya flow 😉