An Actual “Victoria’s Secret Model” Workout Video

January 22, 2018

An Actual “Victoria’s Secret Model” Workout Video

Photo Credit: POPSUGAR Fitness

One of my go-to exercise videos to follow along to on youtube is the Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit.

I know that sounds like it’s just trying to pull you in with the whole “Victoria’s Secret” hype, but the exercise routine is instructed by Andrea Orbeck who does in fact train Victoria’s Secret models. It’s not a hoax.

The video is great because it’s quick, but you definitely get a workout, and you see what exercises you need to do to work on long lean muscles.

Exercises like:

  • speed skaters – push yourself!
  • plié squats – just think of ballerinas…
  • side jumps – these are intense
  • arabesques – a dancer’s move
  • cursty lunges – a hybrid of dance and fitness
  • flies with deadlifts – these may not seem as hard but they’re just as important!

The video is hosted by POPSUGAR Fitness which has all sorts of other great videos as well. Here’s the video:

January 22, 2018

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