Going Local: BC Blueberries Event

July 24, 2019

Going Local: BC Blueberries Event

I’m all about supporting local whenever possible these days. It’s better for the environment because businesses don’t have to transport goods over long distances. And it’s good for your community. So I was excited to attend to the BC Blueberries kickoff event for their 10-day festival along South Granville in Vancouver.

Photo by @wonderful_ida

The kickoff was put on by Social T at Fiore restaurant on 12th and Granville. People from all over came to taste delicious blueberry concoctions.

Photo by @wonderful_ida

Myself included.


The #GoBlueSouthGran event goes until July 28th, from 5th to 16th avenue along Granville Street. It’s thanks in part to the South Granville Business Improvement Association.

I don’t even know what this was but it was delicious. I’m going with Panzenella.

Lots of restaurants like Fiore are featuring BC Blueberries on their menus – you’ve got to try out their dishes!

Photo by @wonderful_ida

They also have blueberry infused drinks like the one below. Mine was a virgin (since I’m pregnant), and oh so tasty. The blueberries on top were flash frozen – they were just blueberries but they tasted like candy!

A virgin Blueberry Negroni

Retailers are also joining the blue spirit by offering sales, promotions, and events.

Photo by Social T

You don’t want to miss it!

This magical blend of blueberry jam, cream, and crouton was amazing.
Loved that their goodie bags were reusable cotton! And how cute!
Blueberry-appropriate decor.
Giant blueberries for the win!

July 24, 2019

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