How To Re-Grow Green Onions From The Store

July 10, 2019

How To Re-Grow Green Onions From The Store

I love the idea of growing your own vegetables. I also hate the thought of wasting food, so why not re-grow any onions you buy from the store? You know the little white end bit that usually gets chucked? Well you can literally grow more onion from that. It’s super easy. Pretty neat, huh?

It’s also a money saver because you’re not having to buy more, and better for the environment because you’re not using gas to go to the store. Plus it’ll get you outside, and is so satisfying when you see your plants growing!

Here’s how you do it.

Cut the bottoms of your onions, leaving some of the white stem. Eat the green part and save the white part for planting. Wash the stems and run your finger over them. If there is any slimy stuff then gently rub and rinse it off. I know, sounds a bit gross, but it’s to keep them fresh and avoid any mould.

Place the white stems in a small bowl of water. You only need a little, in fact, you don’t want a lot of water because it can make your onions go mouldy. In the photo above my onions have already started to grow, they’ll be a lot shorter when you first start. It’s ok if there’s a bit of the green area showing, but there doesn’t need to be.

Place them by a window where they’ll get lots of sunlight. Wash the onions & replace the water daily, if possible. This will help keep them fresh and avoid any mould. Feel for any slimy stuff, if there’s any, wash it off.

Once your onions are start to grow and have some roots, you can plant them! The weather should be decently warm (low 20’s for example) so they don’t get a shock when they enter the real world (ie. outside).

Make space in your garden or plant them in a planter – make sure it’s a spot where there’s a lot of sunlight. Plant them a bit of a distance apart, cover with soil, and give them a bit of water. Water as needed (if it’s really hot you might be watering daily).

Now just have a little patience & watch them grow!

Cut basically anywhere along the green area to eat them, just don’t pull them out! They’ll keep re-growing.

Try it, and you’ll have nice fresh green onions for ages!

July 10, 2019

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