Living With Less: A Minimalist Lifestyle

July 18, 2019

Living With Less: A Minimalist Lifestyle

I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. Not yet. But I’m working on it. The more I travel around the world the less I need. Do you ever notice that?

Living with less allows you to appreciate what’s valuable to you.

People you care about.


Being healthy and active.

The important things.

I’ve realized I hate shopping (other than for food :P). It feels so meaningless and empty. If there’s something I really need then I’ll go get it, but if I could spend the rest of my life avoiding malls I would be happy.

Why is it that people have become so consumed with things they don’t need?

Sure, I’ll still buy new things like clothes when I need them, but I’ll also try to get things second hand (there are far too many pieces of clothing on this earth, and they’re contributing to a lot of waste in our oceans). I do struggle to get rid of clothes though, because I’ll re-wear them until the cows come home.

In the spirit of keeping things minimal, I’ll keep this short. Here are a few things you can do to start living with less:

  • Don’t buy stuff you don’t actually need (ask yourself, do I really need this?)
  • Buy quality clothing that lasts, goes with your other clothes, and is timeless
  • If you need something, see if you can get it second hand
  • For gifts, buy experiences instead of things (people will love and remember them more anyway)
  • Go paperless (ie. with your mail)
  • Go do things instead of buy things (go for a hike, see a movie, spend time with a friend or loved one)
  • Declutter your living space. You’ll feel lighter. Remember, less is more.

What else would you suggest?

July 18, 2019

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