New To Yoga? Here’s What You Need For Class

August 2, 2019

New To Yoga? Here’s What You Need For Class

Here’s what you do and don’t need when heading to a yoga studio for the first time.


Water bottle – Especially if you’re doing hot yoga! But even if you’re not. Places may have places to get water but they’re not always eco-friendly, so rather bring your own. Super chilled yoga class? Still take water with you, we all need to drink more of it.

Activewear – I’m guessing this is obvious, but make sure you’re in clothes you can move in! Your bum will definitely end up in the air at some point so you don’t particularly want a case of pant splitting…

An open mind – You may do some “weird” or difficult things in class that you’ve never done before. Try to go with it and embrace it. The more you do it, the less weird, and more awesome it’ll feel. Just trust me on this one.


Yoga Mat – They may provide them at the studio you go to, check online in advance or give them a call to ask. If you’d rather use your own because you don’t love the thought of someone else’s sweat being on the mat you’re about to use, then go for it. Obviously studios have spray bottles to clean off the mats, so don’t go full germaphobe on me now.

Towel – If you’re going to a high energy Flow class and/or you sweat a lot, you’ll probably want to take your own with you.

Extra layers – If you get cold easily, it’s winter, or you’re in a yin class that’s quite slow, you may want a sweater or socks to keep you warm. Up to you.

Probably not:

Blocks – Most yoga studios provide these.

Blankets – Most yoga studios provide these. If you’d rather use your own then by all means bring one. You may not end up using one in class, it depends what sort of class you’re taking.

Straps – Most yoga studios provide these. They help assist you in stretching but aren’t used that regularly.

Definitely not:

Shoes for class – you go bare feet!

Bolster – I’d be impressed if you brought your own! Most studios carry these, they’d be a bit much to lug around. What are they? Basically big, cylinder-size cushions. You’ll use them to sit or lie on. They’re great. You may want to get one for at home.

But if you literally just show up in activewear you’ll be ok. Don’t stress 😉 Namaste and have a great class!

August 2, 2019

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