Recap Of The Siyaflo Spicy Summer Event!

August 22, 2018

Recap Of The Siyaflo Spicy Summer Event!


The Siyaflo Spicy Summer event was a ton of fun! It was the second event of the Siyaflo Health Series, held at iDance Vancouver. Here’s a recap of the morning.

Attendees arrived between 830 and 9am, and got to know each other while snacking.

We had delicious crackers from Kapow Now, among other yummy foods.

At 9am I started an ice breaker for everyone to connect further. People introduced themselves and described a favourite summer memory as a kid.

It was smiles all around.

Everyone loved getting a little nostalgic!

Then yoga and fitness instructor Emily Lee led us through a vinyasa flow yoga class to warm us all up. 

She had us giving high-fives with our feet while in downward dog, and laughing throughout. 

Participants were also given a mini massage with essential oils to calm them during shavasana.

Next, Amy Laithwaite led us through a fascial stretch session (no, not facial, your connective tissue). We really stretched our bodies, especially our hips! Hip openers for the win ;). 

We also learned that in order to get more flexible in the hips you don’t just want to do external rotation hip exercises, but also internal rotation exercises. Good to know!

We then had a quick break where attendees got to chat and snack!

Next we dove into the spicy nutrition talks with holistic nutritionist Laurence Annez de Taboada. 

She discussed some of the best spices to eat, aphrodisiacs, and how she overcame her eating disorder.

Next we did a super fun and sexy dancehall class led by dance performer and instructor Colleen Cassidy. It was beginner friendly, though she definitely pushed us out of our comfort zone (which is always a good thing!)! 

She taught us a super fun choreography piece that really made us move.

Then we had a big dance party!


It was a blast!

Last but not least we gave out awesome prizes to some lucky attendees! 

The prizes included:

  • delicious vegan crackers from KAPOW NOW
  • 10 free dance classes at iDance Vancouver
  • 1 60 minute yoga or training session with Emily Lee
  • 1 60 minute fascial stretch therapy session with Amy Laithwaite
  • A swimsuit from Union Swimwear
  • Undies from Honey Gifts
  • Mala beads from Karmala Designs

We wrapped up with some photos and then it was time to chat and snack away!

Everyone left with a goodie bag full of goodies from sponsors including:

  • Delicious vegan veggie bites from Wholly Veggie
  • TWO FREE dance classes at iDance Vancouver
  • An awesome women’s magazine from I Like Her Style Vancouver
  • Organic spices from Cha’s Organics
  • Tips from the instructors
  • Fruit snacks & Lindt chocolates, and more.  


iDance Vancouver – rated the Best Dance Studio in Vancouver by The Georgia Straight!

Wholly Veggie – amazing veggie burgers!

I Like Her Style Vancouver – an awesome Vancouver-based magazine for women

KAPOW NOW – their nocheez chickpea crackers are seriously addictive!

NutMeg Mylk – delicious nut-based mylk

Amy Laithwaite – Fascial Stretch Therapy

Karmala Designs – lovely yoga clothing & jewellery!

Cha’s Organics – organic & fair trade spices!

Honey Gifts – classy adult store

Emily Lee – yoga & fitness instructor

Union Swimwear – gorgeous swimsuits!

Photography by Isabella of THIS IS IT STUDIOS

Special thanks to the facilitators, Emily Lee, Amy Laithwaite, Laurence Annez, & Colleen Cassidy! It was such a fun morning!

August 22, 2018

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