Summer Goal: To Reduce What’s In My Closet

July 29, 2019

Summer Goal: To Reduce What’s In My Closet

Anyone else really struggle to let go of clothes? I tend to wear (or at least keep) my clothes until they die. I feel bad giving them away when I could still potentially wear them, and once they’re super beat up I don’t know if they’re worth donating because many donation places end up throwing out clothes that no one wants. So it ends up hurting the environment. Some places will, however, take beat up clothing and reuse the fabrics, it’s just a matter of finding out which places.

I feel overwhelmed looking at the piles of clothes I have, and sometimes just want to get rid of everything. I’d like to live with less but I worry about needing a certain item at a later date.

So, I want your tips! What do you do to convince yourself it’s ok to get rid of things?

I know everyone is Marie Kondo‘ing their closets these days so I should too.

I’ve found a few tips I’m going to try to follow, but please send more tips this way!

Get rid of an item of clothing if:

  • you didn’t wear it last year
  • it doesn’t fit (even if it’ll fit again, it’s weighing on you emotionally, and not worth it)
  • it doesn’t go with a lot of other stuff
  • as Marie Kondo says, it doesn’t spark joy!

Note: Remind yourself why you’re doing this, to declutter & feel less anxiety because you have more space! And in terms of buying, make sure it’s something you actually need, and goes with the rest of your wardrobe.

What else do you suggest? Let’s do this.

July 29, 2019

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