The Nourished Woman: Chakra Healing Series

February 8, 2018

The Nourished Woman: Chakra Healing Series

Happening Thursday February 8th!

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Welcome to a 6 session immersion exploring Feminine Consciousness through Embodiment and Nutrition. The time of the Nourished Woman is now! Discover depths within yourself awaiting to be explored and freed.
We held our first class of the Chakra Healing Series, Root Energy on Nov 23, 2017 and it was a full bodied house! Excited to do it all over again as we move up the body exploring the rest of these potent energy centers through intuitive and guided movement, chanting and mantra, and a healing dish cooking demo with mindful eating practise. Awaken your senses and come back home to yourself. This is the rise of the Nourished Woman, the time is now–collectively we grow stronger, wiser, deeper. Join us in the deep immersion in everyday feminine awakening.
These classes are held over 6 months with the following dates, all held at Another Space Studio in East Vancouver, from 6:30-8:30pm:
Jan 18, Thurs: Sacral healing, Exploring Boundaries
Feb 8, Thurs: Solar healing, Self Worth + Belly awareness
March 1, Thurs: Heart Healing: Power of Feminine Softness
April 12, Thurs: Speaking Up + Finding Voice
May 10, Thurs: Sparking Insight + Intuition
June 7, Thurs: Crowning: Transmutation and The yoga of emotion.
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What to Expect?
After introductions and sipping on some warming Indian chai, we will begin by exploring in a safe container with sisters, whatever joys and challenges we are facing currently with our bodies and health, through light discussion. This will be followed by an exploration of movement, sound, mantra and visualization of our chosen Chakra. Lastly, we will create together ( and eat!) a delicious dish for balancing of this energy center. I will lead a short cooking demo on this dish, which afterwards we will all have a chance to sample. It will be invigorating, awakening and rejuvenating, a secret treat!
All handouts, exercises, recipes will be provided. 🙂
What are the Benefits?
– Release of oxytocin hormone, the “love” drug, which has multiple healing effects on a womans’ body, counteracting the damaging effects of the stress hormone cortisol. We are creating safe touch, eye contact, laughter and overall connection through Presence and softness with each woman. This has massive healing effects on our body’s stress levels.
– Increased Abundance in your life– for as we melt down our inner hardness, we allow the blocks to Universal Love to come melting down as well. That means abundance on all levels can begin to actually move freely through you! Be it the receiving of compliments, the new client, more clients, more sex, better sex! more hugs, more connection, deeper connection, and overall a more deeper, satisfying experience of life.
– Renewed connection to your body, feeling INTO your skin and matter. Being IN your body has a ripple effect on your relationships. Particularly in intimacy, you can show up stronger in your feminine power. You have more confidence.
– Increased Self- respect: when you become more sensitized to your inner needs are in touch with your innate Feminine Power you show yourself respect and walk with Nobility, others take suit.
– The ability to powerfully say YES, powerfully say NO. Again, when we respect ourselves and are in touch with our needs, we can feel safe to vocalize what it is we desire to the people in our lives– without reactivity or shutting down.
– Openness to our Lives: our we IN our lives are do we feel outside circumstances ruling us? Meet each moment, moment to moment– in this way we are creatively engaging with the play, the “leela” of Life, instead of being mere spectators. We gradually step out of victim mode be reteaching our nervous system a new vibrancy of being, a new Presence.
– Holistic Health: Learn how to become your own Medicine, through attuning to your own Inner Presence, crafting healing foods, and relaxing in openness to the Moment.
Tag a sister, friend or colleague you feel would also benefit from this healing group.
Investment: $ 175 for all 6 classes ( $25 savings- for this option please email me and send via etransfer)
$ 33.33 for each
Limited to 12 women, to allot for spacious space. RSVP as spaces will fill up fast. To reserve your seat in the circle, purchase tickets on EventBrite, or etransfer to:
In love, In-JOY, in-health,
Abby ♥
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Abby Sandhar is a certified Holistic Nutritionist + Chef, and Feminine Embodiment Coach. She is OBSESSED with guiding people back to their inner healing capability and reclaiming inner power. A former burlesque model, nude art model and life-long dancer, she encourages women in her practise to enter their bodies more fully in order to show up more deeply in every aspect of their lives; in intimate relating, communication, money and sex. She has been operating her food business “The Flying Abneet”- a holistc meal prep, small event catering and consult centre, since 2011 with humble beginnings in Seoul, South Korea when she taught there as a school teacher. After years of studying spiritual self- healing techniques, meditations, yoga and dance, she brings you a second venture in 2017 “The Nourished Woman”– a safe space for women of all walks of life to come together in community to celebrate and express their most honest raw selves. The time for feminine leadership on the Earth is rising, and women can support each other in these times, as we also steadily and gently do our own inner-self work and care.
Abby currently offers customized in-person and online nutritional consult + feminine embodiment coaching programs, with gourmet + holistic meal prep offerings available in-person in the Great Vancouver Area.

February 8, 2018

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