The Wellness Show – At The Vancouver Convention Centre

February 10, 2018

The Wellness Show – At The Vancouver Convention Centre

Photo Credit: @eatyourcakevancouver

I’m super excited for Vancouver’s Wellness Show, happening February 17 & 18th at the Vancouver Convention Centre! They offer all sorts of resources to help bring balance to your life.

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There’s going to be so much to see and try out at the event!

  • cooking classes – celebrity chefs!
  • hip hop classes
  • stretch classes – everyone needs more of this!
  • meditation events
  • food exhibitors – think of the free samples! 😛
  • events for the family
  • weight loss lecture – you’ll learn about what your DNA means for you
  • green living exhibitors
  • pet health exhibitors – because we all love our pets xxx

…just to name a few! And… PRIZES to be won of course!

“For more than 25 years the Wellness Show has been bringing new approaches to nutrition, fitness, physical and emotional well-being to help Vancouverites achieve their most holistic, healthiest selves.  We connect like-minded businesses and thought-leaders in wellness.  We educate the public on health options as a year-round online resource and as host of Western Canada’s biggest and most established health and lifestyles showcase.”

250 + exhibitors, 100 + speakers, cooking and fitness demonstrations. 2 days 20K + attendees all under one roof.

Get your discount tickets while they’re still available:


February 10, 2018

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