Vancouver Event Review: The Wellness Show

February 20, 2018

Vancouver Event Review: The Wellness Show

The Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre was amazing! There were so many incredible vendors, giving out delicious tasters, samples, and information. Here are a few favourites from the event.

Amai Vegan Treats

I’m obsessed with their vegan chocolate mousse! I had far too many of these at the event…soooo good. All healthy and natural ingredients!

Wholly Veggie

Their veggie burgers are awesome! I’m particularly in love with the Herby Garlic Greens patty 😉

Check out these healthy ingredients:

*Spinach, Green beans, green peas, broccoli, herbs, garlic, sunflower oil, dried egg white, rice starch, potato starch,
**corn starch, pea protein, dehydrated garlic, dried vinegar, spices, salt, granulated roasted garlic, onion powder,
***lemon juice.


*All ingredients are Non GMO

**All starches are non-modified

***Not from concentrate


Protein Gummies that are actually good! And 6-10g of protein in a little bag, impressive. They even have ones for kids too!

Core Potentials – Eat. Move. Think.

They gave out some great tips on how to fix posture, especially for all of us who sit at a computer for most of the day! Some exercises they suggested:

  • make the wave with your hands (with each hand on either side of you)
  • put hands out to your sides then push down with your shoulders & arms (keeping your hands in the same place)(*see image below)
  • make a swimming motion by bringing your hands out in front of you, close together, then opening them up and around behind you

Patience Fruit & Co

Yummy naturally dried fruit. Need I say more?

Bodhi Meditation

They offer FREE meditation classes in Richmond every Thursday evening!


Love these crackers! They also have delicious GLOP spread that’s definitely worth a try!

Salt & Stone

How beautiful are these soaps?!?

One other thing I’m in love with, this indoor garden! #gardeninggoals!

What a great event, I can’t wait for the next one!

February 20, 2018

2 Comments on “Vancouver Event Review: The Wellness Show

February 22, 2018 at 7:51 pm

I was there on the Sunday! So much stuff to see! The Herbaland gummies are actually quite good.

Amanda Webb
July 30, 2018 at 7:02 pm

Yeah they’re super yummy! Glad you got some great goodies 🙂


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