What And When To Eat Before A Fitness Class ;)

April 18, 2018

What And When To Eat Before A Fitness Class ;)

I just had to post this adorably funny video that was part of my interview with yoga and fitness instructor Kinga Gorski. Kinga is extremely active, and is always teaching others to be healthy and fit. Still, she reminds us that even instructors are human.

The struggle is real.

“I make sure to eat, and stop eating probably…I try to aim for like 3 hours before I get to the studio, just so I really have time to digest. I find that I’m a little bit slower to digest so I find that if I eat a full full meal, I’m nice and full, and nourished, then I need probably about 3 hours give or take to feel ready to teach a fitness class. 

I’ve eaten donuts right before teaching fitness classes, on two occasions! Because we don’t learn the first time around. I didn’t feel so hot [laughing!]. BUT, I enjoyed my life in the moment, adulting, YOLO. Balance…or lack there of, I try my best [more laughing!].”


Thanks for your honesty Kinga, it makes us all feel better!


Connect with Kinga to take one of her classes, watch her videos, or to hear her speak:






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April 18, 2018

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